Freddy Pannecocke is born in Douai (in the northern part of France) in 1971. He started very young to haunt the CAPS collective art workshop where he met the painter Claude Szymczak.

 After being graduated from interior architecture school, he started a specialization in scenography. He designed and realized one of the first stand for the 1998 World Soccer Cup and scenery for theater and TV shows. With  Claude Szymczak, he created the « House of Arts of Sin le Noble », first house for youth and Culture oriented towards visual arts. Director of this house during ten years, he will manage this center with exhibits regarding numerous modern and comtempory artists.

He has writen and directed « Le geste et la couleur » (Gesture and colour ), a 52 minutes movie about child’s evolution of drawing . In 2014, we wrote also a kid musical, « Le pigeon de papier » (Paper pigeon). Today, he is still involved in the development of many projects dealing with both culture and social aspects in France and in particular in the north region where he lives. In 2006, he has created the « SMAC » (Service Mobile d’Animations Culturels, which has launched a biennal of contempory art, « Hybride » (with artists such as C. Lévêque, B. Pras, R. Fauguet, F. Pétrovitch…).















Painting…the comitment


At 17 years old, Freddy Pannecocke is selected and awarded through the European art contest « Les étoiles de la peinture » organized by the State secretariat in charge of youth and sports. Then he has achieved several exhibits presenting his artwork : at the CNIT (La défence, Paris), the Maeght Gallery in Montrouge. His work in deeply linked with the coal mining activity which fascinates him regarding its solidarity and human values on one hande and the roughness of the work and the exploitation of labour forces on the other hand. The Coal mine men are becoming mole (4), the underground galleries are spitting land and ash. Several series has made the follow-up of this work on coal mining : « les bestiaires » (beast gallery)(5) on law-breaking and order inforcement ; « les singes »(the monkeys) which raise questions on mankind future.

​ ​

In 1992, he made an exhibit at the mediterranean biennale of Nice, created by Henri Matisse. In 1989 and 1993, his paintings are displayed in the « Hippodrome of Douai », a national art venue. ​ In 1994, the National Assembly (House for the members of the Parliament) hosted his pieces of art as well as the cities of Lens, Lievin and many venues in the north part of France and Belgium. During this period, he has achieved his first gigantic piece of art : a 40 m2 painting ordered by the North General Council (Public body) (6). In 2014, in the frame of the 1% art budget (french piece of legislation), he is selected by the city of Lewarde for the development of « One thousand and one stories » painting. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

In 2004, he started to travel more frequently in order to open to population and culture from all over the world (7-8-9). This is the opportunity to develop dozen of travel notebooks. ​ And thus, his approach started to encompass more political issues and commitment  to fight against exclusion, inaquality and lack of justice. The issues dealt with his work increasing its scope : he is taking position in the contemporary world. « Les Anthropométries » paid homage to anonymous people. « Les Cartographies », stressing the issues of  housing and urban planning, are displayed at the « young creator » event, the Tokyo Palace (Paris) and in Art School of Calais. With these work topics, he is selected for the Villa Medicis (French Embassy in Rome) contest. He was not the winner but gained more confidence to explore new territories. The hand signs, used by deaf people, provided him some material to extent his work on social distress, poverty and economic insecurity.

















In the meantime of this evolution of art channels, the topics covered moved from « humanist art » to « humanitarian art ». Genocides, exils, kid soldiers, dictators, slums became his privileged topics. 


In 2015, « Art Nomad » co-organized with Paul Ardenne led him to the biennale of Venice. The same year, he handle several exhibits in Tokyo Palace (Paris), in Facteur Cheval Palace, in the design school of Limoges, in the Mucem of Marseille. In 2016, two polish museum hosted his exhibit. In 2017, he is invited by her manjesty Mohammed VI, King of Marocco, to expose in Rabat. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​



















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